Once More Into The Void

Created by Jason Pitre

A science-fiction roleplaying game of bringing the family back together for one last job.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Design in Progress
24 days ago – Fri, Sep 03, 2021 at 07:01:40 PM

Hello folks, 

Just a quick update on Once More Into the Void.  Jammi is hard at work designing all of the new content for the game, wrangling the art direction, and incorporating some new playtest feedback. As soon as the text is done, it will be sent off to Avery Alder for some detailed review and design feedback. I will be working with Jammi after that point to pull this together so it's ready for editing. 

Terminus Problems

On the publication side of the house, things are fraught with difficulty.  As some of you might be aware, international shipping has gone completely off the rails due to the combination of COVID 19, shipping container shortages, labour disruptions, and knock-on effects from various shutdowns over the past few years. We are hearing reports that certain printers are running out of paper, have minimal staff, and are having an impossible time shipping goods out the door. Anyone who is interested might check out this article featuring our friends at Atlas Games.   

We are monitoring the situation closely, but this may lead to some unforeseen delays in getting the print versions out the door. We are doing our best to give you the PDFs ASAP and will be researching various solutions to these industry-wide problems. 

Haunting Revelations

As you are likely aware, Jammi is absurdly prolific as a designer. He has just announced that one of his next games projects titled "Our Haunt" will be publishing by our friends at Possum Creek Games. You may know Possum Creek Games as the publisher of the beautiful game Wanderhome.  While Once More Into the Void is Jammi's top priority right now, we thought you might be interested in hearing what's next in the hopper.  Check out this excellent article from Dicebreaker for more info! 

Till then, keep safe and watch out for alien dreadnaughts. 

Jason Pitre and Jamila Nedjadi

Working in the Shadows
about 2 months ago – Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 02:43:59 AM

Just a quick update on the progress for Once More Into the Void. Jamilla is currently hard at work developing the additional playbooks and minigames which we unlocked as stretch goals during the campaign. As soon as he finishes that additional content off, we will pass the text along to Avery for a full developmental editing pass. We are hoping to get something to Avery by the end of August according to our schedule. 

In the meantime, Cam and Adrien(ne) are hard at work on the illustrations for the book. We have a couple of those pieces below for you to enjoy. 

Blowing Off Steam and Recruitment Montage

We look forward to giving you another update in a month's time. Till then, keep saving the galaxy!

Jason Pitre and Jamilla Nedjadi

Credits Secured
3 months ago – Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 02:47:55 AM

Hello Everyone!

We hope that the last two weeks have treated you well. Jammi and I have been recovering from the whirlwind that was the kickstarter campaign while the payments have cleared after the standard 14-day window. I expect that the funds should reach us sometime this week and we will quickly send out a pile of funds to contributors. 

Budget Overview

For clarity, we are planning on sending out approximately $19,030 to our various people for developmental expenses, art, editing, consulting, addon sales, and Backerkit fees. This will leave us with a considerable nest-egg of $30,310.96 for the printing, fulfillment, and shipping of all kickstarter rewards. Any funds that don’t get spent fulfilling the kickstarter will be sent as profit to Sword Queen Games to help them with their future projects.

BackerKit Surveys

Given the scope of this project, we absolutely needed to use a pledge manager to handle fulfillment. We have chosen BackerKit as our solution to send out surveys, gather mailing addresses, and generally facilitate the process of putting games in your hands.

The surveys are ready and we will be sending them out shortly. As per Backerkit procedures, we start with a “smoke test” to send surveys to 5% of you and catch any last-minute issues. Once those are out of the way, we will send the surveys to everyone else. We won’t be locking addresses or charging cards for Backerkit in the near future, but we would appreciate your info at your earliest convenience. We will be sending out PDFs of any addons using the survey info.

The Reformed Character Illustrations

BackerKit Pre-Orders

One of the major advantages of using Backerkit is it allows folks to also pre-order copies if they missed the campaign. If you have any friends who are disappointed they missed the kickstarter, please send them over to https://oncemoreintothevoid.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

Thank you all for your attention and we will get back to work!

Jason Pitre & Jamila Nedjadi

War Assets Secured
4 months ago – Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 08:32:37 PM

We have just finished off our whirlwind, incredible kickstarter campaign for Once More Into the Void. Jamila and I are absolutely blown away by the stunning level of support you have collectively offered us for this campaign.

Over the last month, we have collectively raised $54,410 CAD from 1,387 backers. We have managed to raise more dramatically more funds than Genesis of Legend Publishing’s previous campaigns and we are in an amazing position to move forward with this project.

Kickstarter will be collecting your pledges shortly and we expect to receive those funds shortly. At that point, we will….

  • Pay Jammi for all their developmental work on the project
  • Pay Jason for all relevant sales of the After the War add-on + $1 for publishing services.
  • Pay Camille for all interior illustrations under the project.
  • Pay Adrien(ne) for the additional interior illustrations under the project.
  • Pay Christopher for editing work.
  • Pay Avery an additional sum for consulting work.

All of the funds which are not disbursed will be held by Genesis of Legend Publishing until we send the book to the printers and for fulfillment. Once printing and shipping costs are out of the way, the remaining funds will go to Sword Queen Games as profit.

The Believer, who was right all along.

Thank you all so much for your passion and your bold hearts. Now let’s go save the universe.

Jamila Nedjadi, Jason Pitre, and the whole team.

Time is of the Essence!
4 months ago – Mon, Jun 07, 2021 at 01:12:43 AM

We only have three more days before our ancient Enemy arrives to devastate our galaxy. Our campaign has fared well and we have collected over 41,000 credits with over a thousand brave heroes. Still, we need all the help we can get and want to you spread the word!

Since our last update, Jammi has been hard at work developing some of the expanded content and working on art direction. So far they have finished the draft versions of the two new playbooks and are digging into the minigame design. Meanwhile, Camille Chua is illustrating the various characters as we speak.

The Veteran - Character Mockup
The Captain - Character Mockup

This game is going to be amazing and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to play. Thanks to your collective support and the generosity of our Galactic Bank tier backers, we have plenty of community copies available for folks suffering economic hardship or marginalization. We just have to let them know they have a chance to venture Once More Into the Void!

Jason Pitre and Jamila Nedjadi